Chicken Shop Shakespeare: HAMLETTE at The British Library

It’s the 400 anniversary since William Shakespeare’s death and we can finally reveal that our Award Nominated Chicken Shop Shakespeare HAMLETTE  flash-mob short is being used at The British Library as part of their ‘Shakespeare In Ten Acts‘ exhibition, until Spetember 2016.

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‘Shakespeare in Ten Acts showcases over 200 unique and rare items such as the only surviving play-script in Shakespeare’s hand, an authentic Shakespeare signature, the earliest printed edition of Hamlet from 1603 and Shakespeare’s First Folio. 

See more at: British Library – Shakespeare-In-Ten-Acts

We are so thrilled that our unique spin on Shakespeare’s Hamlet will be exhibited alongside many other rare, classical and unique pieces such as Vivien Leigh’s Lady Macbeth costume, props from Peter Brook’s radical 1970s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and he earliest printed edition of Hamlet from 1603.

So, if you’re in London pop in and check it out!

The clip has already been nominated for Best Short at the Black International Film Festival and has been chosen for official selection at Soul:Celebrate Connect Film Festival at the British Film Institute, the Bradford Drunken Film Festival and the Indie Wise Film Festival.

P.S – Keep your eyes peeled for our next project due out any day now – The NEVER before filmed/Staged version of Shakespeare’s Sir Thomas More.