When Both Sides Surrender – Reviews

Here are the critics reviews for ‘When Both Sides Surrender’


when-both-sides-surrender     when-both-sides-surrender-

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Review from North West End

‘All in all, this was one of the most intelligently presented pieces of hard-hitting and thought provoking contemporary drama that I have seen presented on the Manchester Fringe in a very long time.’


🌟🌟🌟🌟 Review from The Reviews Hub

‘Unlike anything else in Manchester, in a good way’ ‘Bold and innovative’


Review from Mancunion

‘A truly striking performance. Bravo Manchester’


Review from Actor/Audience Member Steve Garti

when both sides surrender


When Both Sides Surrender – 53two Theatre Manchester



‘And so the hours do circle themselves away, see how this morning drains dry the day. A single city plucked in a single night, such is the breath of rage.

And I like a prison replete with shame now do love these gentle drops of perfect pain Still you’ll call me saint if victory go the rebels’ way.’

When Both Sides Surrender’ – Today the home-grown flames feed upon the city for the police have shot a black man, no a boy, and while the debate rages ‘was he armed?’, ‘was he not?’ a riot, people wearing mayhem as their masks, have carved their way through the city. But the police are re-grouping and so the rioters’ rage on borrowed time. ‘When Both Sides Surrender’ is a ground breaking play written in a style described as Shakespeare meets Clockwork Orange. It is an image rich roller coaster that rewards deeply those brave enough to take a seat.

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Piece Of Silk – Hope Theatre

This Summer I played the lead in Piece Of Silk, a new play written by Ex Head of RADA Acting (and my own acting coach) the wonderful Jennie Buckman and Directed by Tania Azevedo of Giants Theatre Company. The play ran for 3 weeks at the Hope Theatre London, racking up an amazing number of 5 and 4 star reviews and sold out most nights.











”You’ll f*ck us, but you hate us, right? ‘Specially if we’re “other”‘

Shaz, 19, has 1,213 followers on her Vimeo account, ‘Shaggytales’.  Sister Dunya, 17, drums, shouts but doesn’t leave the house. They’ve never met their older brother from overseas, who comes to keep an eye on them while mum’s away. He has only their best interests at heart. So why do they fear for their lives?

Inspired by The Arabian Nights and drawing on the shocking stories of women survivors of domestic violence, PIECE OF SILK proves definitively that ‘story-telling is a matter of life and death’.

Jennie Buckman, writer (RADA, BBC, National Theatre) and Tania Azevedo, director, worked with Southall Black Sisters, Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights’ Organisation and artists from Not Shut Up Collective to create this refreshing, multi-media, new play.



Tanya Vital

Samantha Shellie (ROH, BBC – Casualty and Crimewatch)

Devesh Kishore (Soho Theatre, Birmingham Stage)

Jack Bence  (BBC – Sherlock, The Interceptor, Bad Education, Peep Show; E4 – Misfits, Phone Shop)

Heather Coombs (BBC – Call The Midwife, Silent Witness)

Writer & Artistic Director – Jennie Buckman
Director – Tania Azevedo
Producer – Alex Murphy
Assistant Producer & Marketing Officer – Diana Estrela
Casting Director – Leon Kay
Set and Costume Designer – Matilda Marangoni
Videographer, Sound Designer & Composer – Oddinn Hilmarsson
Lighting Designer – Clancy Flynn
Movement Director – Chloe Aliyanni


Chicken Shop Shakespeare: HAMLETTE at The British Library

It’s the 400 anniversary since William Shakespeare’s death and we can finally reveal that our Award Nominated Chicken Shop Shakespeare HAMLETTE  flash-mob short is being used at The British Library as part of their ‘Shakespeare In Ten Acts‘ exhibition, until Spetember 2016.

soul-celebrate-connect-bfi-hamlette-tanya-vital-chicken-shop-shakespearehamlette-tanya-vital-chicken-shop-shakespeare-black-international-film-festival-nominationHAMLETTE-CHICKEN-SHOP-SHAKESPEARE-TANYA-VITAL-new_indiewise_logo_blue hamlette-chicken-shop-shakespeare-tanya-vital-bradford-drunken-film-fest

‘Shakespeare in Ten Acts showcases over 200 unique and rare items such as the only surviving play-script in Shakespeare’s hand, an authentic Shakespeare signature, the earliest printed edition of Hamlet from 1603 and Shakespeare’s First Folio. 

See more at: British Library – Shakespeare-In-Ten-Acts

We are so thrilled that our unique spin on Shakespeare’s Hamlet will be exhibited alongside many other rare, classical and unique pieces such as Vivien Leigh’s Lady Macbeth costume, props from Peter Brook’s radical 1970s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and he earliest printed edition of Hamlet from 1603.

So, if you’re in London pop in and check it out!

The clip has already been nominated for Best Short at the Black International Film Festival and has been chosen for official selection at Soul:Celebrate Connect Film Festival at the British Film Institute, the Bradford Drunken Film Festival and the Indie Wise Film Festival.

P.S – Keep your eyes peeled for our next project due out any day now – The NEVER before filmed/Staged version of Shakespeare’s Sir Thomas More.