When Both Sides Surrender – 53two Theatre Manchester



‘And so the hours do circle themselves away, see how this morning drains dry the day. A single city plucked in a single night, such is the breath of rage.

And I like a prison replete with shame now do love these gentle drops of perfect pain Still you’ll call me saint if victory go the rebels’ way.’

When Both Sides Surrender’ – Today the home-grown flames feed upon the city for the police have shot a black man, no a boy, and while the debate rages ‘was he armed?’, ‘was he not?’ a riot, people wearing mayhem as their masks, have carved their way through the city. But the police are re-grouping and so the rioters’ rage on borrowed time. ‘When Both Sides Surrender’ is a ground breaking play written in a style described as Shakespeare meets Clockwork Orange. It is an image rich roller coaster that rewards deeply those brave enough to take a seat.

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